Today’s world is constantly changing and evolving. The impacts of globalization and advances in technology have increased the economic activity internationally. In order to compete and survive in today’s globalised markets, a business must keep up-to-date with the accelerated pace of tax, legislative, and regulatory developments around the world.

Our Cyprus law firm advise on the regulatory framework governing offshore-related activities and fiscal considerations relating to the operation of offshore entities including the substantial tax advantages and other reliefs and benefits which derive from domestic Cyprus legislation and from Cyprus double tax treaties. We provide nominee shareholders, local professional directors and secretary, registered office address, accounting and auditing services.

Our  team of professional accountants and lawyers will be delighted to give you any further information or explanations you may require. Your enquiries will be given our personal attention, and confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

We cover all aspects of company and business law and advise clients on investment policy. Our law firm advice on structure of business transactions to meet most efficient taxation targets regarding implementation of structure chosen and review of existing structures to minimise tax and maximise operational benefits.

Increase your earnings

For every business owner, shareholder or an entrepreneur, the ultimate goal is to earn profits in the best possible way, with careful and lawful way. Current taxation pressure on companies means that it is not enough merely to adopt specific tax-saving procedures that anticipate the simple formation of companies in jurisdictions different to the residence of the taxable person. Today, it is a much more complicated process to evaluate all the potential solutions.

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