We strongly believe that in today’s modern society and business world, special emphasis should be placed upon alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and out-of-court settlements for resolving disputes. Furthermore our Cyprus Law Firm is ready to bring an action before any court when the circumstances require it.

Our litigation practice is covering all areas of general and commercial law. Our significant practice embraces commercial disputes, corporate litigation, shareholders dispute, property litigation, Intellectual Property dispute and civil litigation.

Our litigation wide variety of claims and disputes services clients in all forums in Cyprus and It includes:

Corporate Litigation & Shareholders Disputes

Companies are increasingly facing compromises to their best interests due to internal disputes, minority oppression, insolvency, fraud and other situations. Inevitably, such disputes must be resolves by a Court of Law, the Courts of Cyprus being the natural forum for all issues relating to Cyprus companies or stakeholders. We particularly handle the following types of actions, acting either for the claimants or the defendants:

  • Shareholders disputes
  • Commercial disputes between companies
  • Breach of contract and contractual disputes
  • Competition disputes, such as cartels and unfair trading or abuse of dominance by competitors
  • Minority shareholder oppression claims
  • Derivative actions for fraud against the Company by the majority
  • Company winding up petitions
  • Freezing orders (Mareva Injunctions)
  • Discovery Orders (Norwhich Pharmacal)
  • Orders in support of EU or Arbitration proceedings
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
  • Intellectual Property infringements and passing-off

Civil, Commercial & Admiralty Disputes

  • Contract claims 
  • Banking and Finance disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Debt Recovery and Debt Collection
  • Employment law and disputes
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings  
  • Construction contracts and disputes
  • Admiralty & Shipping claim

Personal Injuries, Negligence & Torts

  • Insurance claims
  • Negligence, including professional negligence
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Defamation, libel and slander

Our team of legal experts will resolve your business disputes through arbitration, litigation or mediation. We approach all cases with the philosophy of pursuing the best interest of our clients. 

Our litigation lawyers acknowledge that most clients, whether commercial or private, would prefer to resolve any dispute without resorting to litigation and at minimum expense. Therefore, our fees are set at a competitive level.

For more information please contact us. We would be delighted to meet you and learn more about your activities, the issues you are facing and your plans for the future.