Our Cyprus law firm provides start-ups, emerging companies and the entrepreneurial community with critical forms, memoranda, best practice and other resources to assist in the efficient formation of the companies.

Protect your intellectual property

Domains, patents, trademarks, industrial designs, software patents etc. Startups should be aware of the types of intellectual property that can impact their business and strategically consider pursuing patent, trademark and copyright protection as appropriate.  Intellectual property is the most important asset of many start-ups. Failing to protect it legally could result in your business being ruined if someone steals your idea.

Gaining Investment

Young companies are seeking our advice on various methods of financing through debt or equity, each of which may be appropriate at different stages of a company’s development.

Managing Growth

From building an IP portfolio and corporate partnering, to increasing liquidity and reducing the cost of capital, our law firm encourage new ideas that foster both financial and business growth.

Merging and Acquiring

Our law firm helps companies structure, negotiate and execute mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, tender-offers, spinoffs, divestitures and going-private transactions.

Maintaining Leadership Momentum

Our law firm is committed in helping Startups or SMEs  to achieve business strategies, meet high standards of transparency and build credibility with a wide range of stakeholders.